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04/11/13 02:02 PM #1    


Michael Thorpe

Welcome to the Gilbert High School Class Of 1993 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/16/13 07:17 PM #2    


Michael Thorpe

Just thought everyone might want to see what Chad Jensen has been up to.  Great write-up on his business, Urban Legend's PizzaWorks.  Will definitely have to try it next time I'm in Gilbert.  As you might have guessed, I kinda like pizza.




04/21/13 12:14 PM #3    

Josh Martin

I can't remember who else was with Clark Andelin, but they came to school with a grandpa hair style.  Bald on top, hair on the sides.  Pretty classic.  Wondering how many have that look now and if Clark does, too.

04/23/13 12:18 PM #4    


Troy Stapley

I do remember Clark's monk-style hair-do.  I would love to see a pic if anyone has one.

One of my favorite memories was watching Richard, a special needs kid hit like 10 free throws in a row at a pep assembly while everyone cheered like crazy.  It was wild to see the excitement/surprise in everyones faces as he kept draining them.  Those who knew him, knew he always wore a Suns shirt and would yell- "Suns, Suns, Suns!!" over and over again.  I'm sure it was a highlight for him to show off his skills.

04/23/13 05:57 PM #5    


Michael Thorpe

Both of those are some of my favorites.  I thought Clark had basically flushed his chances with the ladies when he got that "haircut."  He looked like a Gregorian Monk. 

And Richard at the basketball assembly: probably the best assembly in the history of pep assemblies.  His layups were better than all of the missed dunks from the basketball team.

05/09/13 10:04 PM #6    

Rob Vaughn

Agreed on that bball assembly being a high point!  A low point in pep assembly history was when our Principal took a pie in the face and ended up getting a big cut. 

05/09/13 10:07 PM #7    

Rob Vaughn

NBA 93 we used to head to some arcade and play NBA jams..BOOM SHAKALAKA---wow we are old- my kids may not even know why an arcade is.

05/14/13 01:16 PM #8    


Troy Stapley

Speaking of NBA Jam and arcade games, Sean Cederstrom and I were the bomb on that game and used to play at Golfland all the time.  My dad was the general manager there while I was in high school and Sean would call me and suggest we should go to Nickel Palace to play games.  Of course my response was- "Why go there and pay when we can play for free at Golfland?"  It took me a couple times to realize what kind of shenanigans he was up to.

05/15/13 04:42 PM #9    


Sean Washburn

When the "Tsunami" hit during the football game. Not sure what year it was but I just remember everybody rushing the school to get inside. Good thing we had an indoor school.

05/15/13 09:08 PM #10    


Brian Flaherty

That monsoon was epic.  I will never forget Ramon consoling his girlfriend next to the lockers, "it's alright baby, moaner's with you baby". I couldn't stop laughing.

05/16/13 08:00 PM #11    


Jeff Wolski

I'll never forget standing in a giant circle of people next to the cafeteia.  Dozens of us holding hands,  waiting for someone to turn that crank and zap the fool out of us with a generator wired up with a fork.

05/17/13 03:16 PM #12    


Jon Madsen

Being in the front row of the Tiger Marching Pride as we marched in the 1993 Rose Bowl parade was a fun experience. We were positioned in the parade behind a float pulled by large elephants. As we were marching, I noticed an extremely large pile of elephant dung up ahead in our path. We were playing a song, so the drum majors (who were dressed in all white tuxedos) were marching backwards conducting the band. Hence, they could not see the elephant-originated surprise that we were fast approaching. Because we were playing the song, I conspicuously swung my trombone slide to one side over and over as I played, in an attempt to communicate to the drum major in front of me (either Michael Schnepf a fellow member of our class of '93, or Alan Peterson, a Junior, I can't remember, of the two, who was marching directly in front of me) that he should veer to his right. The drum major noticed what I was doing and at first he was confused. Then, just as he figured out that I was trying to communicate to him that he should move over, he marched backward through the largest pile of crap that I have ever seen. I proceeded to side-step around the unseemly pile and the rest of the line behind me followed suit, so that the only person who physically encountered the dung-heap was the drum major. I still have a vivid memory of the whole experience, and most pointedly, I remember the bottoms of the pant-legs of that pure white tuxedo worn by the drum major being stained the most nasty green imaginable. In hindsight, I think it would have made much more sense for the parade organizers to order the parade so that the Tigers marched ahead of the elephants!

05/26/13 07:05 PM #13    

Brett Huston

I loved the way everyone used to try and top each other in asking their dates to prom.  I remember a bunch of up-to-no-good friends of mine coaxing me into asking Sara (Tuft) Singleton to Prom during lunch our junior year.  In a tribute to Wayne's World, we put Sara in a chair in the middle of Tiger Hall.  We had Valu, our beloved security guard who is now working at Highland, put "Foxy Lady" on the stereo system.  We came marching down the steps and circled around poor Sara who was in a chair in the middle of the hall.  Everyone rushed over to see what was going on.  Once circled up, I read a poem that I made up - cheesy - where I'd say "1" and all the guys around Sara would do a push-up and yell "one". I proceeded with 10 ultimately awful reasons Sara should accompany me.  Worst part about that whole scenario was my dad was with a camera crew in the Library from news channel 3 doing a snippet on the great things going on in the library.  When they saw the commotion they came running out and filmed the whole thing.  I remember my Dad almost shat his pants because he didn't know I was doing it and when he saw all the commotion he thought there was a fight.  When he found out it was me he did shat his pants!  Totally out of character for me but really encouraged me to come out of my shell. CRAZY!  Sorry Sara :)

06/18/13 11:19 AM #14    

Erik Lunt

Everyone who was anyone was rocking the Guess Jeans... Need I say more? Yes, I still rock them and you know you do too. Miss seeing the action at Taco Bell on Friday nights.. saw some serious beat downs there.

End of Elliot parties.. playing afternoon volleyball at Freestone after school. Gt's!

06/19/13 01:37 PM #15    


Michael Thorpe

Where were all these parties at the end of Elliot? How come I wasn't invited?!

06/20/13 02:06 PM #16    

Kwan Jin



     You were never invited because you never drank one beer. You went to the Saturday chuch dance instead. :)


06/20/13 06:14 PM #17    


Troy Stapley


Never underestimate the party potential of a sober Mike Thorpe.  Heaven help us if he ever gets drunk- we would have to evacuate everyone within a 30 mile radius.

Speaking of Saturday night church dances.  I remember one in particular where our very own Micheal Thorpe asked Fara Ford to cut the rug.  Unfortunately Mike's dancing skills were a bit rusty and instead of holding hands out with the other on the waist, he tied up with her wrestling style.  He literally palmed the back of her neck with his right hand (not very softly I might add).  We were rolling with laughter!

I hope this doesn't qualify as a personal attack Mike but the truth had to be told!


06/22/13 01:51 AM #18    


Chandra Somsen (Favero)

I do remember the GUESS JEans and various other name brands boys and girls HAD to wear to be cool. My parents made me shop at the cheap stores . So it was a huge deal to buy my senior prom dress at Dillard's. I did not attend any of the senior parties, picnics, sports events due to my shyness and influence by boyfriend who went to Mountain View.. Sucks cuz it looks like i missed alot of fun parties. Devin W: I remember how crazy and funny you were. Lip singing to New Kids On the block . Hilarious.

06/22/13 08:44 PM #19    

Josh Martin

If I remember right, I think I remember Kaun being at a few of those Saturday dances.  Some smooth moves, but most memorable for his after dance fights.

06/24/13 09:46 AM #20    


Jon Madsen

My favorite memory of Kwan is indelibly locked in my mind.  The wrestling team had just beaten rival Mesa High in a very intense match.  The tension was so high that the opposing stands started to empty in the direction of our team.  Quickly the coaches ushered the wrestlers behind the bleachers as a couple school security officers warded off the angry crowd.  But this was not before Kwan Jin, in all his greatness and glory, ran out into the center of the wrestling mat and, with middle fingers extended on both hands, executed the best double-flip-off I have ever seen.  One of the security officers yelled at Kwan to get the hell off the mat and under the bleachers, but, with the double-bird still flying high, Kwan screemed "F**K You!" at the top of his lungs toward the fifty-plus screaming fans who were moving his way.  Finally, as the first people in the angry crowd started onto the mat, Kwan sprinted back with the rest of the team behind the bleachers.  Our coaches were furious at Kwan, or at least they tried to make us think they were furious, but the rest of us were laughing our heads off.  I will always have a memory of Kwan's perfectly executed double-bird!!!

07/03/13 11:13 PM #21    


Dana Schude (Matas)

I'd be surprised if many of you remember me; but if you do, I'd love for you to stop by my blog and leave a comment regarding a letter I wrote myself called "Dear Me at 16." Included are some high school pictures that may jog your memory. It would be fun to hear the advice each of you would give your 16 year old self now that you have some perspective. I only wrote a page, but if I had the time, I could probably fill a book. Click the following link to check it out:

I hope to hear from you soon. 

Dana Matas, formerly Dana Schude 

08/22/13 08:03 PM #22    

Andrew Stevens

Looking back 1993 seems like a lifetime ago. These were the days for sure!

Life has changed so much for us all.

I am sure many of you are great fathers, mothers, and professionals that nobody probably ever thought we would be when we were at GHS.

I am in VA now, but plan on returning to see everyone for the 20 year reunion!

I look forward to seeing you all for the first time in a long time at the event.

Andrew Stevens

09/15/13 12:08 AM #23    


Chandra Somsen (Favero)

I am so ready for this reunion to happen. I am sure I won't recognize half of the people coming but I will make the effort

to say hello to you. Are we gonna see any crazy dance moves by Kwan Jin or any of the guys? 

10/03/13 02:14 AM #24    


Rebecca Ivie (Anderson)

A Tribute to the Class of 1993 at

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